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Electronic Music Guide
The Jaded Review is celebrating the release of the 4th volume of the now infamous Guide to Hippie Watching In North America. This new edition features a much nicer 60lb stock with offset printing in blue as well as my best efforts to step up my illustration game.

We also have Party Citations, Postcards & Jaded Review Flasks.

This a double-side general purpose event/festival/party citation covering many of common greivances with camp-mates, mooches, your run of the mill festival wooks & assorted dancefloor weirdos. It's a thicker pad with approx 30 Citations. Click the image to see a citation I issued myself after a particularly embarassing evening involving me on the playa tangled in a bike, crashed into our hexayurt, refusing help claiming "I got this". (click image to see the citation) Perfect for things like that.

General Party Citations

Crystal Children

Wrong Chocolate

Holy Fuckballs


Dancefloor ...

Raspy Ranter


Golfcart Groupies


We created these trimmers editions after a friend told me that he saw a Hippie Watching guide chained to a table in a large growop that was so covered in hashoil that it was completely illegible; however hippies would still go and point and laugh at the hash blobs that were once crude caricatures. Necessity being the mother of invention; I sent these off to my printer to cover every page in 1/2 mil laminate and have them spiral bound. Unfortunately, the plastic is in no way shape or form free range organicly sourced so I can't tell you a good story about that to alleviate any nagging doubts about your consumption, However if I could I would paint a picture of an idyllic farmstead, sun in the background shining rays of golden light and a smiling happy dinosaur approving of your choice to source organic plastic. "Made from Happy Petrochemicals!, yay."


SANDBLASTED CLASSIC GEAR FLASKS These designs were created and sandblasted by Kris Phidelity at his home studio. Redrawing every ... single.. knob, line, label and key in illustrator to get a perfect clean etch. This initially started a project to give cool presents to my friends and has grown to become a project highlighting our love for classic gear, good whiskey, and spending money on modular synths rather than pricy top shelf drinks while hearing our favorite musicians. Also good for Parole hearings, Home Births and Job Interviews. You just do you.

TB-303 8oz Flask

Roland TR909 8oz Flask

SH-101 8oz Flask
Octatrack 8oz Flask
Akai MPC2000xl 8oz Flask

Headphone 8oz Flask

Jaded Review 8oz Skull Flask

Gameboy 8oz Flask