Issue 2

Guide to Hippie Watching

A 24 page illustrated field guide to locating and understanding North American hippies.

Issue 3

Surviving 2012

A 26 page guide aimed at preparing the reader for ascension in the years before 2012 as well as providing many useful survival skills for your bleak, post-apocalyptic future should you fail to ascend.

Issue 4

Guide to Hippie Watching Pt II

a 32 page follow up to the popular Hippie Watching guide. This issue covers missing archetypes including, the stoner, dakini, muppet punks, tree thuggers, gem wrappers, mineral nerds, ravers promoters, steampunks and many more.

Issue 5

Electronic Music

This issue contains a Guide to understanding performer hand gestures, Breaking down the social heirarchy of flyers, an overview of some of the common forms of electronic music, by overview I mean trashing, and yes, dubstep is in there. The ever present glossary will sort you out with rave & electronic music terminology and what it really means.

Issue 6

Hippie Watching III

The Third installment of the infamous hippie watching guide. This issue covers the Teamaster, Life Tourists, New Age Cougars, Lot rats, Trippers, Visionary Art Groupies and Festival Dogs. Additional articles include the 24 types of haters, a hippie apology / madlib game and all the regular nonsense you've come to expect.


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This bundle includes the full line of zines (5 total) plus 2x 3" kiss cut circular Jaded Review stickers & 2x Bro Stop stickers.
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Mostly Indestructible 'Trimmers Editions'

Mostly Indestructible Trimmers Editions
This special 'trimmers edition' (whatever that means) is especially formulated to resists all sorts of gooey sticky dark colored stuffs (whatever that may be). Every page in the guide is coated in 100% non-organic, free-range 1mil laminate and will resist most forms of icky sticky and ooey gooey. It is not 100% waterproof so should you attempt to go scuba diving with it you will probably be sad afterwards. (besides... hippie watching underwater? really?)



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